FACTS ABOUT ODOROUS HOUSE ANTS: Odorous house ants are small ants that are approximately 1/18" in size and are dark brown to black in color. They get their names from the "odor" they put out when crushed. This odor resembles that of rotten coconut. These ants colonize in very large numbers and can be found outside in rockeries, under stepping stones, and in shallow subterranean areas of soil, sod, etc. Their colonies are large due to the fact they are multi-queened resulting in rapid reproduction. They generally feed on sweet, sugary substances, but are known to forage on numerous other sources. They are very opportunistic, often entering houses to begin nesting in warm areas of the crawl space, wall voids, etc. Though not a wood destroying insect, they are formidable nuisance pests, which can be, at times, difficult to control.

These ants are usually prevalent in kitchens and bathrooms. When the infestation multiplies they can be found throughout the house.

If you are experiencing a problem with these ants, or what you think may be these ants, please give us a call before trying to treat them yourself. Often times the situation can worsen if a proper treatment is not performed.

At the sign of danger (spraying, etc.), these ants will split (bud) their colonies and become multiple colonies which spread to other areas of the dwelling. This further complicating the treatment and control process. This budding behavior is a direct result of incorrect and/or incomplete treatment methods.

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Odorous House Ant