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Lingering “Post-Covid” Realities and Observations

The following are some of the terms we have come to be all-to-familiar with during the “Post-Covid” days, what my experience is with them, and how LIND PEST CONTROL INC. has ridden the storm out. Understaffing 1st EXAMPLE  of “understaffing”: Calling in to make any type of appointment, anywhere. How many folks out there talk […]

Memories of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day for many reasons for many people.  First and Foremost, this day was created in remembrance of the brave men and women that fought for our country, our freedom, and made it possible for us to have the lives we live today.  We must never forget that nor take it […]

Lind Pest Control Marks 20 Years in Business

20 YEARS Well, we made the 20 years in business mark this month.  Over the years, my wife and I have learned a lot about owning and running our own business.  After putting in 11 years of hard work as another company’s lead technician and sole pest inspector, my wife and I decided to take […]

The 4th of July – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hello all, and Happy 4th of July!!  I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about past 4th of July experiences and traditions.   WHEN WE WERE KIDS I remember as kids how exciting it was when the 4th of July was near.  We would save our allowances up to buy smoke […]

Beware of the Fly-by-Nighter Pest Control “Companies”

It’s that time of year when the fly-by-nighter pest control “companies” come out of the woodwork to canvass neighborhoods (door-to-door)!  We recently had 2 of our regular preventive maintenance clients call us and warn us. THE FLY-BY-NIGHTER THE FIRST OCCASION Our client informed us that the salesperson tried to pressure her into signing up with […]

Please Try to be Nice!

Be nice!! Is it just me? Or are people really grumpy and not so nice these days? Man, I tell you, when we’re out driving, folks are driving faster and more aggressive than ever! Grocery store experiences Folks at the grocery store seem to be very impatient. Patrons and employees alike. Our check out lady […]

Homebody Activities During This “Stay at Home Time”

This stay at home stuff is difficult, but there are some things we can do now that we never seemed to have the time to do previously. I’ve compiled a list of ideas of what my wife and I, friends, and family are doing. 15 “Stay at Home Time” activities: For sports fans, the Mariners […]