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Beware of the Fly-by-Nighter Pest Control “Companies”

It’s that time of year when the fly-by-nighter pest control “companies” come out of the woodwork to canvass neighborhoods (door-to-door)!  We recently had 2 of our regular preventive maintenance clients call us and warn us. THE FLY-BY-NIGHTER THE FIRST OCCASION Our client informed us that the salesperson tried to pressure her into signing up with […]

Please Try to be Nice!

Be nice!! Is it just me? Or are people really grumpy and not so nice these days? Man, I tell you, when we’re out driving, folks are driving faster and more aggressive than ever! Grocery store experiences Folks at the grocery store seem to be very impatient. Patrons and employees alike. Our check out lady […]

Protect Your Home with a Vapor Barrier

All buildings, which have an enclosed crawl space underneath and dirt floors, should have a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier should be a 6 mil polyethylene material black in color which lays flat on the ground. The purpose of this is to prevent moisture from the ground from rising up and absorbing into the wooden […]