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The Spider – Misconceptions and My Experiences

Bravo”!! to KCPQ 13 for their recent story regarding arachnophobia. If I had a nickel for every person that said they had black widows or brown recluse I could have retired years ago! I have been very fortunate to have personally seen Mr. Crawford speak about spiders at several seminars. I am pleased to see […]

Give Your Home a Once Over

One of the best ways to keep your home pest free is to pay attention. Give your home a once over while you’re walking your yard with a cup of coffee in the morning. Check your crawl space vent screens and crawl space access door. Your screens should be ¼” mesh which is standard for […]

Pest Control Tip: Why You Need to Keep Vegetation Away from Your Siding. 

Keep vegetation away from your siding. Vegetation against the siding, especially when it’s dense, tends to hold moisture in the siding and promotes fungus growth which can promote rot and/or perfect moisture content for wood destroying organisms and other nuisance pests. It also provides hiding and harborage for rodents. You don’t need to butcher vegetation […]

Pest Control Tip: Mulch, Bark, and Bugs

Adding bark or mulch to landscaping beds is a great idea to beautify your landscape, keep the weeds down, and retain plant moisture. Yet, it can create unwanted pest problems if you’re not careful. Remember to keep about 3 inches of clearance between the bottom of your siding and the mulch. You should be able […]

A Warning: Beware of Door to Door Pest Control Sales

A Buyer Beware Story A longtime customer of ours recently called to relay an interesting story.  A “representative” from another pest control company rang his doorbell. They were “in the neighborhood” and would like to offer a free look around his home. Amusingly, he took them up on their offer. About 10 minutes later, the representative knocked on […]

Kudos to the EPA: Cracking Down on Amazon Selling Pesticides

Kudos to the EPA for cracking down on Amazon for distributing pesticide products in February. Regulation for a reason. This represents part of the challenges we face as professional pest control operators. Pesticides need to be regulated very strictly so they can be tracked. As professionals, we are required to document our products and possess all necessary […]

Ichiro is back with the Seattle Mariners

Ichiro is back. Some people are happy to have Ichiro back on the Mariners, some people aren’t so thrilled thinking it’s a ploy to sell tickets, and some people couldn’t care less one way or the other. Personally, I think it’s great! A sure-fire, first ballot, Hall of Famer back on our roster! Don’t get me […]