“Rodents can cause damage to your home’s electrical wires, plumbing etc.  Take a look at these pics that were recently sent to us. We were out the very next day to exterminate the rats in the house, but as you can see here, there will be a lot of plumbing work needed to be done.

plumbing damage in a home due to rodents
sewer pipes in home chewed by rodents

The costs

This homeowner has a lot of plumbing repairs to do in addition to a serious rodent treatment. Annually, rats cause millions of dollars in damages to buildings. The cost of re-piping your house is a major cost. In addition to that you could be looking at serious secondary costs due to flooding issues. The cost of re-wiring a building and replacing fire damage can be also be a big expense.

To a lesser degree, but equally important, is the cost of cleaning up a crawl space to get rid of the contamination and irritants rodents leave behind through fecal materials, urine, and overall unhealthy germs and bacteria, simply from being in your home.

The least expensive factor out of all of these unfortunate events is that of actual pest control.

Our treatment for rodents

Our rodent treatment consists of sending a WA State Licensed Pest Control Operator to your home to complete a rodent Inspection and evaluation. This helps to identify if you have rodent presence in your crawl space and / or attic. Then we complete additional steps and services to eradicate the infestation.

There are many repairs we can perform to ensure the areas of access have been corrected. We can remove your old, contaminated, plastic vapor barrier lying on the crawl space floor and replace it with a new one. The old vapor barrier and rodent contaminants within are taken away and properly disposed of. We also look at the insulation. In many cases, especially when rodent activity is recent and population is low, removal and replacement is unnecessary. If more than a few batts of insulation are necessary for removal and replacement, we’ll recommend complete re-insulation jobs are left to an insulation contractor who specializes in this area.

Once the initial treatment process is complete, it’s a good idea to keep your home or building safe through preventive maintenance. We advise keeping rodent equipment in place and monitoring the entire situation on a semi-regular basis. This ensures your home is kept clean and free of unwanted rats, mice, and other pests. We have a variety of these plans to fit your specific needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!!

Treatment prices are a very low cost in comparison to repairing damages inflicted by rodents. Once it’s done it’s done. It no longer is prevention, it’s starting at square one.  Please get your home evaluated if nothing else. A little clean up and prevention go a long way to keeping your family healthy and out of harm’s way of damaging pests.