Protect Your Home with a Vapor Barrier

All buildings, which have an enclosed crawl space underneath and dirt floors, should have a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier should be a 6 mil polyethylene material black in color which lays flat on the ground. The purpose of this is to prevent moisture from the ground from rising up and absorbing into the wooden supports and sub-flooring in the crawl space.


Crawl space without a vapor barrier installed


A house without, or with an inadequate, vapor barrier (above picture) is vulnerable to damaging including fungus, rot, mold, and a variety of wood destroying insects.Click To Tweet


Vapor barrier installed in a crawl space by Lind Pest Control technicians


To correct this, our technicians have installed a 6 mil polyethylene barrier. It is installed to lay flat on the ground and navigates around support post piers, etc. Our technicians carefully lay this out as to not have it carelessly rest against any of the wooden support posts or other materials that would trap moisture. The area is covered 100% by our newly installed vapor barrier. This house is now clean and dry. It has no penetrating moisture or dirt odors.

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  1. Landon Edgington
    Landon Edgington says:

    What is a vapor barrier ? Is it really helpful to protect our houses ? Maybe if I could really use this for my house and I can conclude that it is really helpful.


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