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Lingering “Post-Covid” Realities and Observations

The following are some of the terms we have come to be all-to-familiar with during the “Post-Covid” days, what my experience is with them, and how LIND PEST CONTROL INC. has ridden the storm out.


1st EXAMPLE  of “understaffing”: Calling in to make any type of appointment, anywhere.

How many folks out there talk to a real person when they call to make an appointment?  (answer) Zero.  Automation was bad enough before Covid, but now it is impossible to get a hold of someone in person no matter how far you navigate through “their options that have been changed”.  We usually wait on hold for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour!  I get it.  It’s hard to find good workers.  Plus, you don’t need to pay a machine a wage, medical, or dental.  They don’t call out sick, take paid vacations, or expect a raise.


We are a customer service business!  This means one on one, personal contact.  We are a full-service pest control company with an office staff working in our office every business day from 8 am to 5 pm.  We also work occasional Saturdays, but we know it is important to have a good work-life balance.  If you get a machine it is only after hours, a holiday, or on a weekend.  We also have a professional team of licensed pest applicators and inspectors.  They work in and through our office every day (M-F and occasional Saturdays).

2nd EXAMPLE of “understaffing”: Going to Dairy Queen at the spur of the moment for a Blizzard.

On our way home, one fine Sunday late afternoon, My wife and I decided to stop in at Dairy Queen for a blizzard.  We were going home to have a barbecue and would eat our blizzards after dinner while watching a movie, Master Chef, or Yellowstone.  We pull in and the drive thru line is 10 cars deep.  No problem, we’ll just go inside.

We parked and walked up to the door only to find it locked with a note attached reading “Due to understaffing our dining room is closed”.  Crazy.  We went to Albertson’s and bought some ice cream.

Do businesses realize how much they are losing by not having employees?  However, I guess it’s hard to pay out $17.00+ an hour for a job that was designed for young adults/kids (other than manager levels) in order to get some working experience.


We are Open for business.  For 22 years, that sign has been hanging on our door.  We are here every working day and we are available to our current and future customers.  Period.

3rd EXAMPLE “understaffing”: Taking a vehicle to a mechanic

Parts! During Covid – forget it.  They don’t have the part and nobody’s making it.  That’s what we got accustomed to hearing.  Now at least we can get the parts.  Unfortunately the chain was stopped for so long that it will probably take some time to get the part in.  When it comes in, it is now 3 times as much money as it was before Covid.

After you’ve talked to the machine, in hopes of an appointment, with any luck you will receive a call back from somebody who has some kind of knowledge in order to discuss the problem and set up an appointment.  Often times, we wait several days to weeks to get it in because “they are understaffed”.  I saw on the news, this morning, that this entire industry (among many, many others) do not have the people to hire because nobody wants to do it.  Nobody is training or getting certified because they simply do not want to do this type of work.  At this rate, young folks should be chomping at the bit to learn this profession.  They could make a mint.  Unfortunately the consumer is going to be the beneficiary of a whopper size bill for a simple oil change!


We have a complete staff of trained professionals.  We are actually “over-staffed” to make sure we keep up with the pest control demand.  Our employees are paid well and they have excellent working conditions and equipment.  Our prices are competitive yet not overboard.  The customer service we give is second to none.

In Conclusion

LIND PEST CONTROL has worked, and served our customers, to the fullest, before during and through, and now Post-Covid without missing a beat.  The after effects Covid has introduced will continue to be challenging, for everyone, but not impossible to overcome.  We will continue our devoted work and proudly serve our communities with the professionalism we have established throughout our long standing reputation.

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