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Lingering “Post-Covid” Realities and Observations

The following are some of the terms we have come to be all-to-familiar with during the “Post-Covid” days, what my experience is with them, and how LIND PEST CONTROL INC. has ridden the storm out.


1st EXAMPLE  of “understaffing”: Calling in to make any type of appointment, anywhere.

How many folks out there talk to a real person when they call to make an appointment?  (answer) Zero.  Automation was bad enough before Covid, but now it is impossible to get a hold of someone in person no matter how far you navigate through “their options that have been changed”.  We usually wait on hold for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour!  I get it.  It’s hard to find good workers.  Plus, you don’t need to pay a machine a wage, medical, or dental.  They don’t call out sick, take paid vacations, or expect a raise.


We are a customer service business!  This means one on one, personal contact.  We are a full-service pest control company with an office staff working in our office every business day from 8 am to 5 pm.  We also work occasional Saturdays, but we know it is important to have a good work-life balance.  If you get a machine it is only after hours, a holiday, or on a weekend.  We also have a professional team of licensed pest applicators and inspectors.  They work in and through our office every day (M-F and occasional Saturdays).

2nd EXAMPLE of “understaffing”: Going to Dairy Queen at the spur of the moment for a Blizzard.

On our way home, one fine Sunday late afternoon, My wife and I decided to stop in at Dairy Queen for a blizzard.  We were going home to have a barbecue and would eat our blizzards after dinner while watching a movie, Master Chef, or Yellowstone.  We pull in and the drive thru line is 10 cars deep.  No problem, we’ll just go inside.

We parked and walked up to the door only to find it locked with a note attached reading “Due to understaffing our dining room is closed”.  Crazy.  We went to Albertson’s and bought some ice cream.

Do businesses realize how much they are losing by not having employees?  However, I guess it’s hard to pay out $17.00+ an hour for a job that was designed for young adults/kids (other than manager levels) in order to get some working experience.


We are Open for business.  For 22 years, that sign has been hanging on our door.  We are here every working day and we are available to our current and future customers.  Period.

3rd EXAMPLE “understaffing”: Taking a vehicle to a mechanic

Parts! During Covid – forget it.  They don’t have the part and nobody’s making it.  That’s what we got accustomed to hearing.  Now at least we can get the parts.  Unfortunately the chain was stopped for so long that it will probably take some time to get the part in.  When it comes in, it is now 3 times as much money as it was before Covid.

After you’ve talked to the machine, in hopes of an appointment, with any luck you will receive a call back from somebody who has some kind of knowledge in order to discuss the problem and set up an appointment.  Often times, we wait several days to weeks to get it in because “they are understaffed”.  I saw on the news, this morning, that this entire industry (among many, many others) do not have the people to hire because nobody wants to do it.  Nobody is training or getting certified because they simply do not want to do this type of work.  At this rate, young folks should be chomping at the bit to learn this profession.  They could make a mint.  Unfortunately the consumer is going to be the beneficiary of a whopper size bill for a simple oil change!


We have a complete staff of trained professionals.  We are actually “over-staffed” to make sure we keep up with the pest control demand.  Our employees are paid well and they have excellent working conditions and equipment.  Our prices are competitive yet not overboard.  The customer service we give is second to none.

In Conclusion

LIND PEST CONTROL has worked, and served our customers, to the fullest, before during and through, and now Post-Covid without missing a beat.  The after effects Covid has introduced will continue to be challenging, for everyone, but not impossible to overcome.  We will continue our devoted work and proudly serve our communities with the professionalism we have established throughout our long standing reputation.

Memorial Day words with the Statue of Liberty

Memories of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day for many reasons for many people.  First and Foremost, this day was created in remembrance of the brave men and women that fought for our country, our freedom, and made it possible for us to have the lives we live today.  We must never forget that nor take it for granted.  For without their actions and endurance, it would not be possible for us to have and do the things we have today nor enjoy our families and friends the way we know it to be……….. So PLEASE EVERYONE take some time throughout this day to reflect on these special people and the opportunities they selflessly provided for us.


As a kid, Memorial Day weekend was a send off for the summer.  It meant we were nearly out of school, and this three day weekend was our first taste of summer freedom and what was to come for a glorious 2 months of sun and fun!  To kick it off, my parents would take us camping and fishing.  My mom and dad and I, along with my three brothers would pack up the trunk of the Chevy Impala and head out to the Mashel River, up by Eatonville Washington.  Often times my grandparents would come along too.  There were old logging roads that we would “four wheel” through to get to our very primitive campsite that we had “discovered” and converted into a beautiful living space for our weekend.


NOTE:  We were always very careful to leave it in it’s natural beauty the way we found it. 


In truth our living space consisted of an old canvas tent, a pop out suitcase table, some lawn chairs, and a homemade fire pit.  The only other thing that we had was a big square of clear plastic we used for a rain tarp.  We didn’t have fancy blue tarps with gromets back then (more on that later).

The Mashel and the busy wild river.

Our campsite was situated where two rivers met.  There was a beautiful fishing hole right off the junction of the Mashel where the two rivers met directly in front of our campsite.  It was handy to fish from our campsite, but my oldest brother, Bobby and I found it to be much more fun to hike miles away and a lot of times straight through the river to find numerous fishing holes.  Sometimes we would do well and bring our catches back to the camp and sometimes we would get zonked.  No matter what we always had a fun and adventurous time.


Inevitably it would rain on Memorial Day weekend.  I remember our family preparing for our excursion weeks before the event.  We would put together our lists.  Camping gear, fishing gear, food, clothes, etc.  All the time realizing there were 6 of us in 1 car with 1 trunk.  It was a science my dad had down to a T when he packed the trunk.  Everything had a place.  All this preparation and excitement would come to a crescendo as we watched the upcoming weather forecast on the news.  Despite our hopes and prayers, we were often faced with the decision of whether to see our trip through or not due to rain.  As the threat of rain loomed, often times, the proverbial “family meetings” were called to discuss our decision to tough it out and I am proud to say that WE NEVER CANCELED A SINGLE TRIP!!

The closest we ever came was when we were half way to the river and it was absolutely pouring rain.  I mean I think it was even thundering with a little lightening!  It was bad!  We pulled into an old “eating establishment” called the “Elk Plain Café” to regroup and seriously think about this.  This café was off the highway 7 in Spanaway.  It’s close to where the Walmart is now, but back then it was in the middle of nowhere.  As we sat in the café, watching the lesser house flies flying aimlessly in circles in the center of the restaurant, and the rain continuing to pour down, I sadly felt this year’s camping and fishing trip was in dire peril!!!!  As we sat and prayed for a miracle, it happened!


The rain had stopped, momentarily,

…..and a sliver of clear sky was appearing!  It wasn’t much, but it gave us all renewed hope and a legitimate chance to cast our “yes vote” to carry on with our expedition.  With our stomachs full and the rainless black clouds looming overhead we all decided that if we were going to do this we had some serious ground to make up.  And off we went.  I don’t know why, but I recall that event so vividly, I can see it like it was yesterday.  The fact is, it rained practically the entire weekend, but we had a great time and we saw through with what we intended to do.  The campfire helped keep us warm and the rain tarp kept us fairly dry.

Our rain tarp was wisely donated to the cause by my grandpa.  He was a carpenter by trade and a very handy man.  Not that my dad wasn’t, but as mentioned before, there was no such thing as blue tarps back then.  So we weren’t really introduced to the idea of having materials such as this.  It was a pretty huge chunk of clear heavy plastic that covered the majority of our campsite (the tent and eating areas).  The only drawback was the rains would fill up in the low, sagging spots and we would constantly have to work the water away from the low spots and drain it out over the edges.  A small price to pay to stay relatively dry.


This weekend seems to come up so quickly now and our lives seem so busy that we don’t really make plans anymore.  Sure, we’ll probably have a barbecue and figure out something fun to do, but as I write this I realize just how much time our work, errands, home care (cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc.) consumes us.  I can’t necessarily change that fact, but I think this Memorial Day I’m going to take some time and reflect on the opportunities I’ve had because of the men and women that provided us this chance.

I’m also going to take some time and think about the loved ones I’ve lost personally, the good times we had, and the things they taught me that helped make me the person I am today.  Heck, I’m even going to think about the beloved pets I’ve had over the years. I’m going to take some time and remember a lot of things and think about what’s to come in the future and how I can make my life, and the people in and around my life a better place to be while we’re here.

Fireworks and Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hello all, and Happy 4th of July!!  I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about past 4th of July experiences and traditions.



I remember as kids how exciting it was when the 4th of July was near.  We would save our allowances up to buy smoke bombs, black snakes etc.  We always got extra money to buy a package of fireworks that included fountains, pinwheels, sparklers, etc.  I remember the fountains were always my mom’s favorites.

My dad taught us how to take a pair of pliers and squeeze a Piccolo Pete at the second “C” on the Piccolo.  This allowed the Pete to whistle for a minute, but then it was cut short and then a big “BANG” ensued like a pretty heavy-duty firecracker.  This was under his supervision, of course. 

One of mine and my brother’s, all time, favorites was our “Bangsite” miniature cannons.  We would by a big tube-like container of “Bangsite” which was pretty much gun powder.  You had a little scooper in a flint mechanism that you would load in the back of the cannon and twist on.  You would push in the button and it would fire a loud BANG.  It didn’t take us long to figure out several scoops would make a much larger BANG!!!  Did I mention that we didn’t have bicycle helmets then, front car seats did not lock into place and flopped forward if you were leaning on them, from the back seat, when the car came to an abrupt stop. 

Our chemistry sets had real chemicals, Seat belts were an option and a luxury, creepy crawly stuff we made with “goop” came with a real “oven” instead of a cheap light bulb for heat, wood burning sets came with an iron that could easily give a kid a third degree burn.  I could go on and on.  I don’t know how we made it through those times!



We usually found a party at someone’s house who had a view of the fireworks over commencement bay.  Sometimes we would go camping.  Sometimes we would go to the park with the lighthouse in Northeast Tacoma (Brown’s Point).  At this stage, we were all about having a good time and finding out where to go to have it.  We bought firecrackers and M-80’s and the heavy-duty bottle rockets at the “reservations”.  We were kind of stupid but we had fun.



The 4th of July has always been a fun Holiday for me (except for having to worry about my dogs), but one year was particularly special.  This was the day I had one of my first dates with my future wife, Beth.  We were planning to go out on the Sound with a mutual friend (the guy who introduced us).  He had a sailboat and we had planned to go out with him. 

The weather was mostly cloudy that day with patches of sun.  Beth and I are both sun lovers and we watched the sky all day, longing for extended periods of sun.  Our friend with the sailboat was not the most reliable and we ended up not going out on the Sound with him that day (and the sun rarely made an appearance).  Instead, we hung out at my house, in the yard.  We enjoyed a beautiful day getting to know each other and watching the sky and praying for sun.  We decided to go up to the store and get some steaks to throw on the barbecue for dinner.  It was a wonderful day and the start of something very special. 

In later years, we would buy our own boat and go out on the Sound on the 4th highlighted by a spectacular air show with a “hover Jet” hovering very close to us and performing several maneuvers!



When I had settled down, and Beth and I got married, and purchased a house, I got back into the more traditional 4th of July’s.  Not that we still didn’t have fun times partying!  One particular year we decided to host a party.  We owned a house in the north end of Tacoma near Point Defiance.  It had a pretty good view of Commencement Bay towards Vashon Island from our deck.  This was back when The Taste of Tacoma was held at Point Defiance simultaneously with The Freedom Fair.  We invited several friends and had a great time barbecuing, playing badminton, drinking some beers and wine, and just having a lot of fun.

Friends were constantly coming and going from our place to the taste to the Freedom Fair.  It was within walking distance so there were a lot of fun options.  I remember that as being one of my favorite fourth of July’s.  Beth’s family had a tradition of making homemade ice cream, so we did that too. 

We also started a new tradition.  While listening to The Eagles live CD “Hell Freezes Over”, the words to “The Last Resort” coincided (we thought) with the 4th and America in general.  There are different ways to interpret this song, when you listen to it, but it seemed to describe the way America is (in some ways-whether good or bad).  You can listen for yourself and see what you think.  Anyway, from then on, we are sure to play that song every year on the fourth of July (several times).



We still have a lot of fun on the 4th of July.  We still have barbecues on our patio.  Still have friends and family over in the afternoon.  Still listen to “The Last Resort”, and still do a few fireworks.  We now like to be home when all the fireworks start going off at night.  We want to make sure our home is safe, going to the Freedom Fair occasionally (except this year of course).  Our favorite fireworks are fountains and we both still like smoke bombs.  We can see the big fireworks on Henderson Bay from our upper back deck (a different house and a different part of the bay) and we still enjoy the sunny afternoons and the beautiful memories and traditions we have discovered along the way.


Please try to be nice: Backyard oasis picture - shelter at home location

Please Try to be Nice!

Be nice!!

Is it just me? Or are people really grumpy and not so nice these days?

Man, I tell you, when we’re out driving, folks are driving faster and more aggressive than ever!

Grocery store experiences

Folks at the grocery store seem to be very impatient. Patrons and employees alike. Our check out lady a couple weeks ago was so rude you could just tell she didn’t even want to be there! I’m not going to mention any store names (Fred Meyer in Gig Harbor) but seriously, if you’re going to be that mean and nasty why work there? In fairness, this was one individual compared to the rest of the staff that are very helpful and mostly cheery. Just goes to show——“one bad apple”.

Other Businesses

I know a corporate person who works high up in a popular food chain. They say there’s been a real problem with customers getting mean and verbally abusive to the workers (some of them kids really) for very trivial things. This is “fast food” folks, how bad can it be?

We’ve had a couple of instances of folks calling in to complain, and even get ugly, because they’ve seen one spider or ant in their home! Giving them a $50.00 COVID-19 discount out of the box (this has been a legitimate offer we have had on the table since April 1 to help with folks’ budgets) apparently doesn’t seem to phase them. They want all of their money back!!  We always do a great , professional job, but even we cannot promise complete pest EXTINCTION – never to surface again for the life of the home!!! Nor can any other company out there.

Apples to Apples

We were all doing so well coming together in the first phase of this ordeal. I get it! I know it’s been tough on all of us. Folks are losing their jobs, they’re getting little to no help from the government, we’re under this boring “stay at home” order, our lives have been turned upside down. But it’s here to stay for a while and we need to realize that it could resurface it’s ugly head after it “dies down”. It doesn’t do any of us any good to be so anxious, impatient, and downright rude to one another. We all pretty much can be guilty of these traits to some degree. I just hope most of us are holding it to a tolerable and respectable level.

Most of us are “good apples” who have been tossed through a ringer and have been bruised up a bit. But let’s not let it get the best of us.

So I ask you?

  • What nice things can we do for somebody to make their day better?
  • What can we do in our day to day lives (such as it is right now) to make us calmer and feel better and more in control? 
  • Is it worth tailgating the car in front of you (that’s already going 70 in a 60 mph zone) to get ahead of them only to be backed up by the next car in your way just to get to your destination 5 minutes earlier than if you would have calmly had a peaceful drive?
  • What is the point of rushing around a grocery store and cutting in front of people, completely ignoring social distancing (let alone good manners)? 
  • Are the folks that go into these stores without face masks better than us that obey the order to wear them to protect us and others? How are their systems miraculously immune from contracting or spreading this disease?
  • When the grocery stores were telling us to not bring our grocery totes in, how is it that they charged us for our paper bags (Fred Meyer)?
  • Once it was determined that we could, again, bring our grocery totes in, isn’t it better we have to bag them ourselves and assure the eggs and other fragile edible items aren’t on the bottom and mixed with the shampoo and deodorant?
  • Is anyone excited to watch baseball with no fans in the seats?
  • Is there going to be a football season? If so, what should we expect?

Whatever the outcome…………please try to be nice!!!!!

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A Special Pest Control Offer to Help Families

Wow!!  What a difference a couple of weeks makes!

We’ve seen our lives turned upside down in many, many ways.  My heart truly goes out to all of those who have been seriously affected by this virus.  Especially for the families of loved ones who have passed from it.  I think it’s taken a while for everyone to really understand just how serious this pandemic is.  We’ve gone from not worrying too much about it, when it was over in China, to casual acceptance when it reached our shores (maybe a little more than casual around here, since we were one of the first states to report that the virus had reared it’s ugly head here), to lockdown or stay at home mode in many states.


These times are indeed very difficult.

I thought I might shed light on some of the wonderfully positive things going on out there while our great country works on uniting itself, once again, in the face of crisis.

  1. Everyday I am hearing of fast food chains, coffee shops donut shops, restaurants, etc. offering their products and services, for free, to folks in need and/or first-responders and healthcare workers.
  2. How about our own Russell Wilson who donated a million meals to the local Seattle community via Food Lifeline.
  3. Drew Breeze donated 5 million dollars to his Louisiana community!!!!  Did you happen to catch his interview with Hoda Kotb on the Today Show?
  4. How about Elton John’s The iHeart Living Room Concert for America?  It was a fundraiser on Fox last night.  There were a lot of  performers who donated their time and talent to the cause.  It was quite interesting to see celebrities scaled down, by themselves, with little to no background music nor other aids.  I applaud them for putting themselves out there like that.
  5. Personally, my wife and I have been grocery shopping and doing pharmacy runs etc. for family and friends whom are in need of our assistance.  A phone call to them, email, Facebook, or Facetime has helped to lift all of our spirits.
  6. There are countless more heartwarming stories of generosity and pay it forward acts.  Please practice these, if you are able, and share your stories on our Facebook page.


Here’s What LIND PEST CONTROL Is Doing to Help Families:

As a state and federally recognized essential industry, we are continuing to work hard keeping disease ridden pests from infiltrating your homes and compromising your families’ health.  Through the continual use of our PPE (personal protective equipment) we are bound and determined to continue our important work while keeping ourselves, and you and your families’ safe from exposure.




No gimmicks, no corners cut.  You will get the exact same excellent, devoted service that our customers have come to know.  Although it is a hard time for us, we feel it is important to pass on as much savings as we can and contribute in our own way to this cause.  Keeping commerce going is an integral part of fighting this thing and not letting it get the best of us.  We believe this offer will help families get the very best in pest control while receiving a break on the price.

Until this passes, our family and our employees and their families are taking part in all of the guidelines set forth to battle this virus.  Staying at home, social distancing, washing our hands frequently, and sanitizing our homes and workplace regularly are all steps in the right direction.


Please stay safe and healthy, and thank you for your support and God bless.

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During Trying Times, Small Businesses Depend on your Support

Hi folks,

I’m sure you’ve all had it up to here with COVID 19 Coronavirus messages, but I would like to put in my two cents about it as it relates to the small local businesses that depend on our support.

First of all it is of the UTMOST importance, for us here at LIND PEST CONTROL, to be sure that our clients are safe as well as our technicians and staff.  We are practicing all of the responsible steps of social distancing, hygiene, and the use of common sense, as I’m sure other local small businesses are doing.  We didn’t get where we are by not using our heads and having a plan for whatever may come our way, although we couldn’t have predicted anything like this.  Our industry, by nature, has always been one of safety.  We use PPE (personal protective equipment) each and every day.  Respirators, nitrile and neoprene gloves, etc. have always been the norm for protection, and we will continue to practice these habits.

The bulk of our services revolves around treatment of the exterior of your home, eliminating the need for social contact what so ever.  Specialized treatments, that require interior treatment, can be arranged prior to our service.  Our respirator, gloves, and other PPE eliminates any exposure to you and our technicians.


We are a small business that absolutely depends on all of you for your support.

We understand that small businesses are what this country was made of and we are bound and determined to keep it that way!!  My wife and I are personally supporting all of the businesses we are accustomed to supporting and more.  This weekend we went up to the mountain.  On the way home, we stopped at the “Copper Creek Inn” restaurant.  We had brought a picnic lunch along, but felt we should stop in there, instead, to help support them.  They have been in business for as long as I remember.

The first time I went there, I was about 16.  I worked on the trails of Mt. Rainier all summer for the Youth Conservation Corps.  At the end of the season, our trail leader took our crew there for dinner as a reward for the hard work we put in all summer.  Anyway, while we were there, we saw another couple come in.  They said they lived in Eatonville, which is a ways away, but they came in just to support their business.  I realize times have changed quite a bit since last weekend. We are continuing to transition to a different way of going about living our lives safely. We’re doing this while still doing our part to keep the circle of life and commerce revolving.


Some things we are doing, and encourage others to do, to help small businesses and people who depend on our support to make ends meet:

Order to go from your local restaurants

One of our favorite local establishments in Gig Harbor is JP’s HY IU HEE HEE.  It’s a great place, with great folks and great food.  JP, the owner, has done such a fabulous job re-inventing the place since he took it over from the previous owner a few years ago.  He has worked so hard to “rebuild” it.  He’s completely changed the menu and brought the establishment to be “the place to go in our community”.  They are currently open for food pick up 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and are working on possible delivery.  There is a link on the website.  I’m sure he could use our help more than ever right now.  I’d hate to see this place “change” or even go away and not be able to go back to it, as we know it, once this thing is over with.  Now is the time to support it any way and any time we can!

Don’t forgo important appointments

I went to my regular cleaning last week.  In the back of my mind, I thought about canceling it.  But then I thought better of it.  Is there a cleaner, more sterile place than the dentist?  I think not.  That’s where the common sense comes in.

Order a movie

I saw on the news today, as theaters are closing down, we can order some movies that were previously slated to play in the theaters.  I think I heard they’re running about $20.00 for rental.   I’m certain more and more will be added to the list as long as the theaters are closed.  I know the movie going experience is fun, but watching a movie at home can be the next best thing.  I also know there are cheaper options for home movies, but why not spend a few extra bucks to keep the movie thing keep revolving without missing much of a beat.

Go to the mountain

It’s a big place with a lot of room!  You can have a lot of fun and you can easily practice your “social distancing” skills.  It costs $30.00 per carload for the day.  This helps the national parks revenue and helps preserve our mountain from the many natural challenges that continually threaten it.

Support your local shops and small businesses

We can’t be so caught up in this thing that we shut our lives down.  Most places I see are aware of the virus and are taking measures to protect us and themselves.  It seems a bit odd to see all of these signs, cones, directions, etc. advising us where to stand and how to go about things, but it is an effective way to remind us to use more caution and common sense than we are accustomed to.  These folks depend on us and need the commerce to stay afloat.

A final thought

These are only a few observations, suggestions, recommendations.  I feel so bad for the small businesses being affected, and the folks that work for them. I wanted to give a shout out and remind us all that even though it has changed (temporarily) we can transition it to a working formula where people don’t have to lose out and sacrifice their very essence.  With everyone’s help, we can hold on to our lives, as we know them, until this tumultuous time is over.  Our business has not experienced too much of a drop off during this ordeal, so far.  If you are one of our regular clients, thank you for your continued support.  We hope your life and working situation is stable as a result of people helping people, so you can continue to support us while keeping your home and family pest free.

For those of you who don’t know us and are experiencing pest problems, but are on the fence about receiving professional help right now, I ask for your support.  I assure you that our company highly regards your safety and the safety of our employees and will not, and has never, sacrificed the importance of it.  We always have, and will continue to, practice safety by using proper PPE to keep everyone from harm’s way.  Our impeccable record through 21 years of business speaks for itself.  As a reminder, much of our effective treatments are, or can be, limited to the exterior and substructure crawl space of your home.

Randy Lind

Top 10 Covid 19 Coronavirus observations that make you go hmmmmm

 Top 10 Covid 19 Coronavirus observations that make you go hmmmmm


I don’t want to make light of the Covid 19 Coronavirus, but at this point, what else can we do but chuckle at some of the ridiculous things that are going on. Come on folks!

  1. We received a phone call from a man wanting to purchase foggers from us to set off and kill any viruses that may be lingering in his home! First of all, we do not, and cannot, sell pesticide products to the general public. Of course, pesticide products cannot kill viruses!!
  2. How about the one where people are using Titos Vodka as a hand sanitizer! Titos had to put out a “bulletin” stating their product is 40% alcohol content which is not strong enough to disinfect.
  3. Some folks are actually not drinking beer because they think that the virus is connected to Corona beer!
  4. My brother and sister-in-law had tickets for a cruise. She bought insurance and everything. Well, there is no way in heck they wanted to get on one of those incubators right now (how about the ship that’s stranded out there off the coast of San Francisco?) Well, they won’t refund their money! The best they can do is transfer it to another date that has to be used within a year’s time! I thought that was why we paid a ridiculous insurance fee?
  5. I heard on the news today that British Airways is not refunding money unless the flight has been officially cancelled. Kudos for Alaska Airlines who allows cancellations without penalty during these difficult times!!!!
  6. Did you know folks are mixing up there own hand sanitizer?  I guess it’s a combination of rubbing alcohol and aloe.  Tricky part is, you have to do it just right or your hands will dry out or it won’t be potent enough.
  7. My wife and I went out to a popular restaurant in Gig Harbor, last night, and the place was almost empty. Came to work today and there were hardly any cars going over the Narrows Bridge or on the freeway.
  8. Are masks really protecting us? There are several different types of masks out there. I have heard opinions on both sides of whether they do any good or if it can actually do you more harm. Selecting the correct type is important. I think if you have a cold or cough, etc. you should definitely be wearing one (out in public) to aid in the prevention of spreading  your virus to others.
  9. I’m seeing signs everywhere I go about how menus are being sanitized, instead of shaking hands, at a greeting, we’re now bumping elbows, our airplanes are being sanitized better between flights.  Which begs the question….Why weren’t we doing this before???  And are we going to continue doing this after this is over?
  10. The first thing I ever heard about the coronavirus is that it was related to snakes over in China somehow. I heard it from several sources.  I haven’t heard anything about it since the first few days of the outbreak and I am assuming it is not true????

The Covid 19 Coronavirus is a very serious matter.

I feel, and pray, for all of the people who have had any interaction with this virus and for those who have lost family and friends to this virus. More power to you for whatever helps you feel safer and more secure WITHIN REASON. Some of these crazy things I’m hearing can actually be of more harm than good despite people’s intentions.

I say be smart about it. Listen to what they say about washing your hands, touching your face, and general sanitation practices. It’s kind of scary knowing this thing is out there and can affect any one of us at any time, but we still have to live our lives. Just a little bit different and use a little more caution and common sense.

Merry Christmas from Lind Pest Control

Merry Christmas

As the eve of Christmas day approaches,
And we’ve taken care of a million roaches,
We turn to more important things,
Like the joy this special season brings.

Family first, the good lord too,
Are things we treasure the whole year through.
So here at Lind from ours to yours,
We thank you all, your support endures.

We try so hard, and do our best,
To rid your home of every pest,
To our clientele, we tip our hats,
And save you all from mice and rats.

To us there is no greater deed,
Than helping folks with a greater need,
So every time does our phone ring
I’m reminded why we do this thing.

Here’s to this year, and one’s to come,
We raise a toast and put up our thumb,
Family, friends, community too,
The very Happiest of holidays to you!

To all of you from all of us here at Lind Pest Control,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Zoolights Tacoma 2018 Point Defiance Copyright

Experience the Feeling and Joy of Christmas

It seems like the holidays come and go so quickly, with so much to do, we often forget to take the time to enjoy the fun events that are out there this time of year.  As I write this, we have already missed out on a few events we usually catch.  We didn’t see The Trans Siberian Orchestra show this year.  I highly recommend this show.  This should be on your bucket list if you are a fan of Good ol’ Rock-n-Roll with great guitar playing and singing.  The special effects are out of this world!!!  The Christmas theme makes it a no-brainer must-see holiday event!

With that in mind, I am going to make a concerted effort to take the time to see some of the wonderful things out there this time of year.  Below is a small compilation of holiday events.


Visit Santa

Watson’s nursery – Puyallup: Friday Dec 6th and Dec 13

Wright park conservatory – Tacoma: Sat Dec 7th 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Old town Tacoma – Job Carr cabin museum: Dec 14th

Lemay car museum – Tacoma: Dec 14,15,20,21

Skansie Brothers park – Gig Harbor: Dec 7th  5-6 p.m.

Fox Island museum – Fox Island: Dec 7th  1-4 p.m.

Log cabin museum – Port Orchard: Dec 7/8 & 13/14


Other Fun Stuff

See the Reindeer at Watson’s Nursery – Puyallup: Dec 6th & 13th

Santa’s wonderland at Bass Pro Shop – Tacoma

Zoolights Point Defiance – Tacoma: ‘til Jan 5th

Ice skating at Point Ruston: ‘til Jan 5th

University Place Tree lighting: Dec 6th 4-7 p.m.

Multicare/Mary Bridge Children’s Festival of trees Tacoma convention center

Puyallup main street Santa Parade – Puyallup: Sat Dec 7th

Light Plantasia at Seymour conservatory at Wright park – Tacoma : Dec 10-15th

Gig Harbor tree lighting – Skansie brother’s park: Dec 7th  5-6:30 p.m.

Lighted boat parade – Gig harbor marina/waterfront: Dec 14 5 p.m.


Experience the feeling and joy of Christmas

These are but a few ideas for fun holiday events.

The most important thing is to get out and experience the feeling and joy of Christmas. Click To Tweet

My wife, Beth, and I will again be choosing a few charities, this year, for donation.   The Galaxy theater in Gig Harbor has a wonderful idea of donating to kids that do not receive anything for Christmas.  They have a tree in the lobby with tags on it.  The tags have a boy or girl with their age and what they would like for Christmas.  You pick a tag, purchase the gift, and bring the tag and gift back to the theater.  We did this when we saw the Christmas movie “Last Christmas” a couple of weeks ago.  If you are able, please consider donating to those in need this holiday season.  No matter how big, or small, every bit counts.  Your generosity goes a long way to help folks in need and it feels good to help others.

From the Lind family to all of yours, Have a happy Holiday season!

Tacoma Narrows bridge and fall colors from the stairs at Salmon Beach - image credit Robert Nissenbaum

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