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Richard Sherman, A Class Act On and Off the Field

I for one will stand up and cheer when Richard Sherman comes to town with his new team, The San Francisco 49ers. He will be revered and remembered as one of the best Seattle Seahawks of all time. There comes a time in all professional athletes career’s to leave their prospective teams voluntarily, through trade, or retirement. This is simply the time for Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks to come to grips with this. They have. And now it is time, for us as fans, to do the same.

The writing was on the wall. The Seahawks were getting old and had an agenda to begin a “youth movement” to replace our aging roster. It was no secret, and a logical necessity, when they cut bait with the expensive, oft opinionated cornerback who will be coming off of a major injury.


A Class Act.

Overall, Richard was a class act on and off of the field while he was here in Seattle. A Stanford graduate who balanced on the line of gracious eloquence and street talkin’, street-smart savvy, he could play both sides of the “field” very admirably and without compare. Only the great Gary Payton (GP) of the Sonics comes to mind when thinking of a rival to match his “trash talking” wit. As a Seahawk, he was beloved for this “gift”. However, I’m sure it was very difficult to take for fans of any other team in the league. That will now be us here in Seattle.

Sherman’s first call to duty was to stir up controversy while creating a competitive edge, in which he thrives, in order to fuel his performance. He cleverly began this campaign by creating a rift on Twitter which related to facts that he was not the bad guy who left the Seahawks and that they were the ones who let him go. He “fueled” the fire by stating fans were burning his Jersey. I don’t know about you, but I had not heard any negative words towards Richard Sherman, nor had I heard of the ridiculous notion that there were fans out there burning his jersey.

For the most part, all of the Seahawk fans I know, and who are true fans, saw this as being a necessary business decision on the part of the Seahawks. They wish Sherm nothing but the best. Our hope would be that he has a great game when he plays against the Seahawks. We don’t want to see anything spectacular happen for, nor against, him. We simply want to see our Seahawks get back to the winning ways we are accustomed to.


Richard Sherman is a sure-fire Hall of fame cornerback.

His stats, which he is not shy about personally pointing out, are rated at the top of the cornerback position of all time. Richard Sherman was an original member of the LEGION of BOOM which gave us much to cheer about and rejoice over! He most likely has a couple of really good years left in him to play the game near the level that will be expected of him. He was simply the product of a once great team, which held a lot of outstanding players, who all approached the “twilight” of their careers at the same time, demanded too much money for the salary cap to allow and still pay the rest of the players to create a successful team.


Coming home.

When Richard Sherman comes to town, The Twelves will be on their feet, with a standing ovation the likes of which Century Link Field has never seen!!! If you don’t have tickets for it now, you are SOL, ‘cause this will be the hottest ticket in the league all year! It will be the loudest ovation since the BEASTQUAKE!!! Once the game starts, all bets are off, and he is our enemy. Sherman wouldn’t have it any other way. But remember, we are classy fans here in Seattle, and though we’ll be rooting against his new team, #25 will always be in our hearts and we will ALWAYS have the utmost respect for him.


Thank you.

GOOD-BYE Richard! Thanks for the memories, devotion, professionalism, outstanding plays, community involvement, speeches, wardrobes, antics, intensity, playing hurt, leadership, dreads, amongst many other traits and reasons the Twelves will remember and hold you dear to our hearts!



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