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Pest Control Tip: Why You Need to Keep Vegetation Away from Your Siding. 

Keep vegetation away from your siding.

Vegetation against the siding, especially when it’s dense, tends to hold moisture in the siding and promotes fungus growth which can promote rot and/or perfect moisture content for wood destroying organisms and other nuisance pests. It also provides hiding and harborage for rodents.

You don’t need to butcher vegetation back, nor have a barren landscape around your immediate perimeter of the house. A general rule of thumb is to keep a few inches of space between your siding and the vegetation. This allows proper airflow and a viewing avenue for homeowners and pest control professionals to keep a lookout for vulnerable pest entry points.

Don’t forget to keep your tree limbs trimmed back from the roof and gutter lines. We recommend 3 feet to 4 feet. Ever seen a squirrel jump?  They are capable of jumping quite far and are commonly found in attics of homes (along with rats). They can do considerable damage once inside.

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