Yellow Jackets nests aren’t always visible.

Yellow jackets are the most common stinging insect in Washington State. They typically form their nests in attic spaces and wall voids of structures, as well as, in soil cavities. (i.e. holes dug by our pet or abandoned rodent burrows). Yellow jackets are very aggressive and colonies can contain numbers as large as 4,000 workers. Hidden ground nests pose a real concern.

Unsuspecting people step on them every day and get “attacked”.

We encountered this nest recently at a customer’s home. In this instance, the nest was a few feet away from his son’s basketball hoop where he and his friend play all of the time. The friend is highly allergic!!

We were able to catch this nest EARLY and thwarted a bigger problem. The nest was extinguished and at a highly discounted rate.

Even if you routinely walk your property (and you should) to keep an eye open for potential pest problems, this is another good reason to have a regular pest control service or inspection done at your property. A professional, with training and experience, can identify potentially serious issues the average homeowner may miss – and this nest could easily have been missed!