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Give Your Home a Once Over

One of the best ways to keep your home pest free is to pay attention. Give your home a once over while you’re walking your yard with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Check your crawl space vent screens and crawl space access door.

  • Your screens should be ¼” mesh which is standard for allowing airflow in and keeping most pests out. They should be secured to the frame and free of tears or holes.
  • Check if cable lines or other conduits (such as air conditioning etc.) have compromised their integrity.
  • Your crawl space access door should have a solid concrete footing under it and a solid frame. The door should fit securely, leaving the area virtually free of small gaps which could allow rodent entry.
  • The door should have a latching device such as barrel bolts or a hook and eye assembly.
  • A door should not be mistaken with a well cover.
  • If you have a retaining well which has a cover over it, this is not sufficient to keep rodents out. They were designed for safety and water runoff.
  • If you have a well cover or a door which has gaps or openings, a door should be installed or repairs made.

A simple visual inspection as you walk your property is the best way to protect your home against pests and prevent more serious issues.

If you notice anything that seems incorrect or you would like one of our technicians to do a walk-through of your property, please schedule an inspection.

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