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Please Try to be Nice!

Be nice!!

Is it just me? Or are people really grumpy and not so nice these days?

Man, I tell you, when we’re out driving, folks are driving faster and more aggressive than ever!

Grocery store experiences

Folks at the grocery store seem to be very impatient. Patrons and employees alike. Our check out lady a couple weeks ago was so rude you could just tell she didn’t even want to be there! I’m not going to mention any store names (Fred Meyer in Gig Harbor) but seriously, if you’re going to be that mean and nasty why work there? In fairness, this was one individual compared to the rest of the staff that are very helpful and mostly cheery. Just goes to show——“one bad apple”.

Other Businesses

I know a corporate person who works high up in a popular food chain. They say there’s been a real problem with customers getting mean and verbally abusive to the workers (some of them kids really) for very trivial things. This is “fast food” folks, how bad can it be?

We’ve had a couple of instances of folks calling in to complain, and even get ugly, because they’ve seen one spider or ant in their home! Giving them a $50.00 COVID-19 discount out of the box (this has been a legitimate offer we have had on the table since April 1 to help with folks’ budgets) apparently doesn’t seem to phase them. They want all of their money back!!  We always do a great , professional job, but even we cannot promise complete pest EXTINCTION – never to surface again for the life of the home!!! Nor can any other company out there.

Apples to Apples

We were all doing so well coming together in the first phase of this ordeal. I get it! I know it’s been tough on all of us. Folks are losing their jobs, they’re getting little to no help from the government, we’re under this boring “stay at home” order, our lives have been turned upside down. But it’s here to stay for a while and we need to realize that it could resurface it’s ugly head after it “dies down”. It doesn’t do any of us any good to be so anxious, impatient, and downright rude to one another. We all pretty much can be guilty of these traits to some degree. I just hope most of us are holding it to a tolerable and respectable level.

Most of us are “good apples” who have been tossed through a ringer and have been bruised up a bit. But let’s not let it get the best of us.

So I ask you?

  • What nice things can we do for somebody to make their day better?
  • What can we do in our day to day lives (such as it is right now) to make us calmer and feel better and more in control? 
  • Is it worth tailgating the car in front of you (that’s already going 70 in a 60 mph zone) to get ahead of them only to be backed up by the next car in your way just to get to your destination 5 minutes earlier than if you would have calmly had a peaceful drive?
  • What is the point of rushing around a grocery store and cutting in front of people, completely ignoring social distancing (let alone good manners)? 
  • Are the folks that go into these stores without face masks better than us that obey the order to wear them to protect us and others? How are their systems miraculously immune from contracting or spreading this disease?
  • When the grocery stores were telling us to not bring our grocery totes in, how is it that they charged us for our paper bags (Fred Meyer)?
  • Once it was determined that we could, again, bring our grocery totes in, isn’t it better we have to bag them ourselves and assure the eggs and other fragile edible items aren’t on the bottom and mixed with the shampoo and deodorant?
  • Is anyone excited to watch baseball with no fans in the seats?
  • Is there going to be a football season? If so, what should we expect?

Whatever the outcome…………please try to be nice!!!!!

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