Stay at Home Time with Five Crown card game

Homebody Activities During This “Stay at Home Time”

This stay at home stuff is difficult, but there are some things we can do now that we never seemed to have the time to do previously. I’ve compiled a list of ideas of what my wife and I, friends, and family are doing.

15 “Stay at Home Time” activities:

  • For sports fans, the Mariners are re-airing classic games. 
  • Sling TV has added several new networks to their repertoire at no additional cost.
  • HBO is offering free services.
  • My mother-in-law just finished the main part of a very difficult (and beautiful) Alaskan quilt. She now has to wait for the fabric store to re-open to get the border and backing materials! 
  • I get daily email messages from a buddy of mine (hello Big Mike). I’m sure he spends hours surfing and compiling his various jokes, facts, videos, etc. It keeps him occupied during this stay at home time and gives several of us, on the feed, some chuckles and important insight.
  • Pull out some old photos and organize them. You can really get caught up in that for hours!
  • You can rent movies that were recently out in theaters for cheap. We watched Once upon a Time in Hollywood the other night for $2.99!!  There’s a ton of stuff on TV.
  • Anybody still have DVD’s and a DVD player? How about a VCR?  Dig those old classics out! It’s the only way I know of to watch Cool Hand Luke (one of my all time favorite movies).
  • Cooking! My wife loves to cook. We’ve been trying all kinds of new dishes. If you have any good recipes, please share them. 
  • Read a good book. I’m currently reading a good one from David Baldacci-The Fallen. My wife is trying to get through a book called The Lost Man written by Jane Harper. It was highly recommended to her but she’s having a hard time getting into it. I guess it’s starting to get good in the twelfth chapter (yikes!). My mother-in-law has resorted to re-reading The Pillars of the Earth trilogy by Ken Follett. She and I read this series a few years ago, they are epic masterpieces (in my opinion) but it’s a real time investment as they are very lengthy books. 
  • Playing cards. We play a game called Five Crowns. It’s pretty fun-we play each hand for quarters.
  • Happy hour with a wine and a beer listening to music.
  • Yard work!!! I’ve been spending hours out there cleaning up from the winter-weeding, moss out, pressure washing, raking, mowing, clipping, etc. I’ll be ready for fresh soil in the raised garden beds, herb beds, and re-seeded grass areas of the lawn. Then it’ll be time for bark.  Still much to do out there!!
  • Exercise. We’re putting a quasi-schedule together for our treadmill and total gym. Walking outdoors is great when the weather cooperates. Remember social distancing when you’re out in places like the Ruston Waterfront Park or Chambers Bay.
  • Finally, how ‘bout a nap? Not that I’ve had much of a chance to partake, but it sounds great!


My wife and I actually spend much of our time at work still.

Our heart goes out to all of those who are out of work due to the stay at home restrictions. We are proud to be able to supply our employees with steady work, and paychecks, as part of an essential business. 

Though we have slowed down considerably, we continue to supply full paychecks by filling our employees “down time” with cleanup work on the office, vehicles, equipment, etc. It also gives us a chance to train, re-train, and study. 

We understand these are trying times for everyone and we hope and pray for everyone’s health and survival…now and in the upcoming months and even years. 


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Thank you, stay safe, and God bless


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