Merry Christmas from Lind Pest Control

Merry Christmas

As the eve of Christmas day approaches,
And we’ve taken care of a million roaches,
We turn to more important things,
Like the joy this special season brings.

Family first, the good lord too,
Are things we treasure the whole year through.
So here at Lind from ours to yours,
We thank you all, your support endures.

We try so hard, and do our best,
To rid your home of every pest,
To our clientele, we tip our hats,
And save you all from mice and rats.

To us there is no greater deed,
Than helping folks with a greater need,
So every time does our phone ring
I’m reminded why we do this thing.

Here’s to this year, and one’s to come,
We raise a toast and put up our thumb,
Family, friends, community too,
The very Happiest of holidays to you!

To all of you from all of us here at Lind Pest Control,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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