Top 10 Covid 19 Coronavirus observations that make you go hmmmmm

 Top 10 Covid 19 Coronavirus observations that make you go hmmmmm


I don’t want to make light of the Covid 19 Coronavirus, but at this point, what else can we do but chuckle at some of the ridiculous things that are going on. Come on folks!

  1. We received a phone call from a man wanting to purchase foggers from us to set off and kill any viruses that may be lingering in his home! First of all, we do not, and cannot, sell pesticide products to the general public. Of course, pesticide products cannot kill viruses!!
  2. How about the one where people are using Titos Vodka as a hand sanitizer! Titos had to put out a “bulletin” stating their product is 40% alcohol content which is not strong enough to disinfect.
  3. Some folks are actually not drinking beer because they think that the virus is connected to Corona beer!
  4. My brother and sister-in-law had tickets for a cruise. She bought insurance and everything. Well, there is no way in heck they wanted to get on one of those incubators right now (how about the ship that’s stranded out there off the coast of San Francisco?) Well, they won’t refund their money! The best they can do is transfer it to another date that has to be used within a year’s time! I thought that was why we paid a ridiculous insurance fee?
  5. I heard on the news today that British Airways is not refunding money unless the flight has been officially cancelled. Kudos for Alaska Airlines who allows cancellations without penalty during these difficult times!!!!
  6. Did you know folks are mixing up there own hand sanitizer?  I guess it’s a combination of rubbing alcohol and aloe.  Tricky part is, you have to do it just right or your hands will dry out or it won’t be potent enough.
  7. My wife and I went out to a popular restaurant in Gig Harbor, last night, and the place was almost empty. Came to work today and there were hardly any cars going over the Narrows Bridge or on the freeway.
  8. Are masks really protecting us? There are several different types of masks out there. I have heard opinions on both sides of whether they do any good or if it can actually do you more harm. Selecting the correct type is important. I think if you have a cold or cough, etc. you should definitely be wearing one (out in public) to aid in the prevention of spreading  your virus to others.
  9. I’m seeing signs everywhere I go about how menus are being sanitized, instead of shaking hands, at a greeting, we’re now bumping elbows, our airplanes are being sanitized better between flights.  Which begs the question….Why weren’t we doing this before???  And are we going to continue doing this after this is over?
  10. The first thing I ever heard about the coronavirus is that it was related to snakes over in China somehow. I heard it from several sources.  I haven’t heard anything about it since the first few days of the outbreak and I am assuming it is not true????

The Covid 19 Coronavirus is a very serious matter.

I feel, and pray, for all of the people who have had any interaction with this virus and for those who have lost family and friends to this virus. More power to you for whatever helps you feel safer and more secure WITHIN REASON. Some of these crazy things I’m hearing can actually be of more harm than good despite people’s intentions.

I say be smart about it. Listen to what they say about washing your hands, touching your face, and general sanitation practices. It’s kind of scary knowing this thing is out there and can affect any one of us at any time, but we still have to live our lives. Just a little bit different and use a little more caution and common sense.

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